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Penny Black – Jay Dee Dearness

December 7, 2010

Ok, so I happen to be the ninth artist involved in the Penny Black Project.  If you haven’t already checked my work out you can see a little bit more of it here and I have a bit of a bio here.  The image above was my offering for Project 1 – I had been trying to get into this project just before leaving for San Francisco mid-2010 so while I was away I kept mulling it over in my brain.  When I got back home I used some of the photo’s I had taken with my pinhole camera while at Crown Point Press to create photogravure prints (I was learning a photogravure technique at Crown Point so it was a very appropriate choice).  Then I overlaid (in colour according to project) the images of each stamp via screenprinting onto the photogravures.  In this way, reflecting a little of my thoughts while away.  Your own artwork is sometimes hard to explain to other people (the explanation above is a little simplistic) so I hope this makes some sense!

By the way!  The artwork I created for this show is available in an edition of 10 with 8 of these for sale to the public at the moment!  Along with this are a lovely set of letterpressed prints from Manuela Dobelin’s ‘3 Umbrellas’ and ‘BBQ’ images as well as E J Zyla’s creations!  Very affordable artwork for a ‘hard to buy for’ friend or relative!!

So if you haven’t been down to see us yet – please do!  We are open from Wednesday to Friday (12noon to 6pm) and this Saturday from 10am to 4pm.  This is our last exhibition for the year so if you’ve been meaning to drop by and check us out – now is the time to do it!  We hope to see you soon.

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  1. December 7, 2010 1:01 pm

    Ok…this is the time for getting out and about again…I am going to try and visit on wednesday after a morning class Im doing!
    Looking forward to being in our space again Jay Dee… 2 nasty but viral something kept me away…but not this week!
    See you very soon!
    Sophie x

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