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So Close!

February 19, 2010

Well, Myrtle Street Studio is really starting to take shape now!!  The electricians have almost finished and the floor is due to go down next week.  Today, our builder checked over the space and attached the wires that will run the full length at the front in the ceiling for me to hang wet prints for drying – and that was the moment where I really had that nice feeling that comes with knowing something is pretty much finished :).  I know there will be small things to finalise still – the glass splashback to the kitchenette still needs to be installed, speakers and an alarm system etc… but the main construction is complete!  Am quietly beginning to look forward to moving in….

And if you were by any chance wondering what the photo below is of – it is a small glitch we had this week with the sliding doors and the magnetic paint.  Apparently the wall frame was made of steel alloy and when the magnetic paint was applied, it concentrated in these areas to the point where it formed rust marks on the finished paint job!!  It has all been sorted out now thankfully but certainly had our painter mystified at the time – he had to get a paint specialist to look it over.

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